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An Event to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the SCA

May 5-15, XLI/2006
Sponsored by the Shire of Fire Mountain Keep and the Barony of Glymm Mere
Dragons Sphere Recreation Park, Randle, Washington. The 300 acre site is surrounded by the Cowlitz River, a forest, stunning mountain views, and is five miles from the nearest neighbor.
Countess Sineidin
Lady Elisabetta da Prizzi
Windy and raining at the beginning, warmer at the middle and end. At some times very chilly and others very hot. What is to be expected at about 900ft elevation in early May for the area.
Equestrian games, falconry, competitions in archery, arts and sciences and rapier, tournaments, woods battles, tavern, pied piper diversions, a vibrant merchants' row, court, Known World Chirurgeons Symposium.
Also Known As
4YC, 40YC, 40th Year

Court Report

Complete 40th year Court Report

Awards from 2006/05/13

Kane Severus--AOA
Andrew of Deerhurst--AOA
Cymbric of the Isles--Goutte De Sang
Elizabeth FittzWilliam of Carlisle—AOA
Emiel Mohammad Ali Saad Kandi ibn Abu Harim al-Kaber--Court Barony
Alis of Inishowen--Crystal of Glymm Mere
Dunchad of Donegal--Crystal of Glymm Mere
Sally Mathuson--Crystal of Glymm Mere
Mila Faer--Crystal of Glymm Mere
Camron of Clan Stewart--Glymm Mere Rapier Champion
Ronan of Wyewood--Glymm Mere Archery Champion
Thorkel Haroldssen--Glymm Mere Forty Year Equestrian Champion

Court held on 2006/05/07

Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani--Chirugeon Emeritus (Caid)
Mistress Ammalynne Haralds Dottir--Chirugeon Emeritus (Meridies)
Master Bohemuni von Griefshafen--Chirugeon Emeritus (Atenvelt)
Mistress Annalind Airmid the Healer--Chirugeon Emeritus (Caid)
Master Ambrose Celidonis--Chirugeon Emeritus (Caid)
Yonaton Bevels Avram Yitzhak--Chirugeon Emeritus (Midrealm)

Your servant,

Mahee of Acre

Event Highlights

Greetings all,

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to all those who helped to make youth activities a success at the 40 Year Celebration.

First off, to our marvelous instructors/sponsors- HL Fionnghuala inghean mhic Oitir, Alwynd McBride, Lady May de Blatha An Oir, Godith of Goosefoot Mead, HL Saikhan Naranaimorin, HL Angharad ver' Reynulf, Lady Mabel de Wymburn, Eithne of Blatha An Oir and Isabella of Wallingford,. From a medieval figure making class to a visit to meet the horses to making clay buttons, the children had a wide base of unique opportunities. My thanks to these busy ladies for their time and efforts.

Next, to those who planned on volunteering... and those who simply stepped forward to help as needs arrived. Seirid, Tarna and Caidwen are ever the constant support without whom I could not function. And now to my real heroes- the parents who jumped in when hands grew short. Your assistance was invaluable- I really don't know what I would have done without you. To Countess Caia Snowden, Celeste Direwolf, Nancy Quade... and the many, many others who lent a hand, you have my sincerest gratitude.

The Keep provided many wonderful activities at their "Festival of Fools." By all reports, a fantastic time was held by all.

I apologize if I have inadvertently forgotten a name but your service and willingness to help the young ones amongst us shall never be forgotten.

Finally, thanks to the Shire of Fire Mountain Keep, the Barony of Glymm Mere, and the fine autocrat, Countess Sineidin. It was a pleasure to serve with you.

In Service,

Lady Una Glamdottir 40 Year Pied Piper


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