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Assorted notes on the usage and policies of the An Tir Wiki community.

Boring stuff first, juicier stuff after.


The purpose of this wiki is to jointly collect and record An Tir's culture and history.


Appropriate topics for this Wiki include subjects having to do with (in order of priority)

  1. An Tir
  2. the SCA
  3. the Middle Ages

with the exception of items which are defined in the #Inappropriate Subjects list.

Appropriate Subjects

  • Copyright-free material
  • Works to which you own the copyright and want to put in the public domain

(Comment: this list is awfully short -- but taken with the Scope, it pretty much covers everything.)

Examples of appropriate content

  • event information (date, branch, autocrat, activities, court news)
  • personal event memories and chronicles
  • newcomer guides
  • jargon definitions (see Glossary)
  • contest results/winners and champions
  • a personal page describing your SCA life (persona, branch, first event, awards, interests)
  • original research results, research articles, research guides (bear in mind that all content on this site becomes part of the Public Domain)
  • annotated booklists
  • royalty: reigns, progresses, highlights, support staff, pictures
  • branch descriptions
  • "keepers" postings from an SCA mailing list with the permission of the author

Inappropriate Subjects

  • Copyrighted material
  • Material concerning subjects outside the #Scope of the An Tir Wiki
  • Officer contact information (privacy issues)
  • Official forms (provide links to them)
  • Official SCA or An Tir Policies (provide links to the authority source)
  • Spam, profanity, libel, personal attacks, arguments, ...

Examples of Inappropriate Content

  • Kingdom Law, Corpora, Officer Handbooks (link to them)
  • Event forms and Waivers (link to them)
  • Announcements of short duration (e.g. event announcements, lost and found)
  • stuff that doesn't have anything to do with An Tir, the SCA, or the Middle Ages
  • Merchant advertising
  • material copied from other websites (link to them)
  • anything you don't want changed (post it elsewhere and link here)

Photo Uploads

Due to Corporate policy we no longer allow uploads of images without a signed release from both the photographer and the model(s) in an image. You are however able to add a (non-pictorial) web-link to your own images from your photo site.

For photo uploads please fill out a Content Release form(s) from docs/ library.html#releaseforms that best fit your situation.

For photos, a Photographer's Release form at /docs /pdf /ReleasePhotographer dot pdf or the online fillable copy at /docs /pdf /ReleasePhotographerFillable dot pdf.

For portraits, a Model's Release form at /docs /pdf /ReleaseModel dot pdf or the online fillable copy at /docs /pdf/ReleaseModelFillable pdf.

Send those and the image to the Kingdom Wiki Web Team for uploading and a link to use on your site.

Important Bits

  • Everything posted here becomes part of the public domain. Do not contribute copyrighted materials without permission.
  • Create an account for yourself if you find you're contributing more than once or twice.
    • Use your SCA name
    • Add your signature to discussions or memories with --~~~~ (dash-dash-tilde x 4)
  • We're particularly interested in keeping a "Book of Events" -- descriptions of events and what happened at them. Your memories are important.
    • Use the Template:EventTemplate to get you started
    • Add your own personal memories
    • It's considered extrememly BAD manners to edit someone else's memories.
  • Another handy template is the Template:Populace which you can use to add picture, device and important 'at-a-glance' information about yourself or others. It is considered polite to ask before posting someone's picture on the Internet, unless it is posted elsewhere (such as the An Tir Kingdom home page).
  • A list of all the templates can be found here, under Templates.
  • Feel free to create links to pages that don't exist yet. Someone (maybe you in a few days) will come by, see the need, and start it.
  • Keep it positive. Don't get bent out of shape if someone edits "your" page. It's not your page. With a few very minor exceptions, all pages belong to all An Tirians.
  • Keep it positive. Apart from Event Memories, pages should be written neutrally and without personality.
  • Keep it positive. Keep personal bias out of articles you edit. If you're writing or editing an article on a controversial subject, include opinions from all sides of the debate. If you don't feel capable of writing from the opposing view, include an invitation for someone else to contribution that part.
  • Keep it positive. If an issue hasn't been dealt with fully in your opinion, don't assume your needs are being ignored. Assume instead that we've been waiting for your input.
  • Looking for a place to start? Look up the page for an event you attended recently and add a few memories. Look up your branch and add, correct or polish the infomation. Or visit How Can I Help for lists of pages that need attention.
  • Other content ideas: Driver's Guide to An Tir (services by highway exit), Shopper's Guide to An Tir, "Keeper" postings from An Tirian e-mail lists...