Iuliana de la Sara

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Señora Ana de la Sara and her Daughter
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Ana de la Sara at 12th Night 2009

Persona History

Iuliana was born in 1543 outside of Leon, the daughter of Diego de la Sara, a respected ambler, and Catalina la Roja, a courtier of the Habsburg Court. Iuliana grew up in and out of court society and among the company of many soldiers and officers who knew and respected her father. She was fully educated in reading, writing, arts and science and learned to speak French as well as her native tongue.

In 1559 Iuliana was sent on a court errand to Milan where she met, through a childhood friend under the command of her father, José Cabrera de Castilla. They quickly fell in love and were married with the blessing of both families and the royal court.

After they were married, Iuliana spent 3 years following José on several of his military campaign. There she made herself invaluable by keeping the military support train organized, and maintaining the financial books of most of the officers. Once his term of service ended, José sought out a company with which he could continue his military training, and encountered the Iron Ring on one of it's many maneuvers into Italy. Abandoning his concern for his family's growing wealth and power, José took up with the fighting company, and Iuliana followed. There she stopped being the wife of an officer, and earned the rank through her prowess and intelligence to be promoted to head of her Captain's household, it was rumored that occasionally she was seen on the battlefield as well, although this was never confirmed.

In 1565, Iuliana was overjoyed to find a new recruit to the company, Nicolai Rabenis von Tachov, had brought along his lady, Helena Zancani with him on his endeavors. Iuliana and Helena, having much in common, found themselves quick friends, and became dependent upon each others support and confidence. The families grew very close and became infamous for their quick wit, thorough planning and ability to make something from nothing.

In 1567, Iuliana and Jose celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Rosa de Castilla while on campaign through Germany. The baby thrived with the care of her parents and overjoyed godparents, Nicolai and Helena. She was joined by a baby brother three years later, Rowan.

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