Uther and Angharad VI

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Preceded by:
Skeggi and Taisiia
Uther and Angharad VI
Forty-eighth King and Queen of An Tir
16 July 16 AS XL/2005 – 14 Jan AS XL/2006
Succeeded by:
Sven IV and Signy IV

This reign was remarkable because Uther was An Tir's first King who was not a resident of the kingdom.

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Royal Progress


Before May Crown

(From Skeggi, King of An Tir. 22 Feb XXXIX/2005)

Good Evening to All,

Well, as I see on the An Tir Fighters list things are a bit slow. Chiv net is not much different, things are very calm. And the other lists seem to quiet and content.

Well I've decided to spice things up in our most excellent Kingdom. To excite our fighters, to drive them to excellence in their fighting abilities. To give those who seem to live for the lists something more juicy to talk about, and fire up the Chiv listing once again.

Duke Uther DerHount has asked to fight in An Tir's May Crown. He has asked to fight for Duchess Angharad.

After careful thought and discussion between ourselves and our council we have decided to allow Uther to fight.

Those who know us, know that we are old traditionalists. Thinking of the days when An Tir was a Principality and An Tirians such as Torgul, Dak, and Ulfred to name a few would travel to the West Kingdom to fight for the Crowns. An Tir held the tradition of leaving the Crown Tournament open to all, with the thought that the best fighter will win. The Crown of the West is still open to all those who would swear fealty to their King and their lands and promise to fulfill the duties of King and Queen should they prove victorious. I encourage any who are interested in that adventure to go for it!

Uther swore to Us as his King and Queen at Our 12th Night and gave his oath of fealty.

Uther loves An Tir and our traditions. His mentors are of An Tir, his heroes are of An Tir! He also participates in our Wonderful Kingdom all the time. Teaching, training and befriending all he meets. His Honor and Chivalry are beyond measure. For this we are proud and happy to accept him to An Tir with open arms.

So consider this a friendly heads up from Their Majesties to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!


Skeggi King An Tir

July Coronation

This is the letter that will appear in the July Crier. We want to give everyone a jump on our plans for Coronation and our reign.


We call on all who read these words to join Us for a time of Courtly Romance and High Adventure, in the fair lands of An Tir. We have picked the theme of "Romance and Chivalry" for Our Reign.

To start this off we will be holding a Great Tournament directly following Our Coronation Court. It is our Inspirations that we celebrate this day, and the victor of this tournament will be given the honor of presenting his consort with a wreath of flowers proclaiming her the Queen of Love and Inspiration of the day. This is as it was at the very first tournament in the SCA, when it was a day of honoring those Ladies who inspired their Champions. We will also have a Maypole, and as a Royal Whim, We will Proclaim our Coronation Day to be "May Day" *wink* and a time of new beginnings. All Ladies are asked to come dance at the Maypole, with its many splendid colored ribbons, around the fighter who displays the bravest warrior's heart and boldest spirit upon the field.

Later, a Great Feast is to be had under the stars of An Tir upon the Eric. We wish to invite every person in the Kingdom to come join us in the "King's Feasting Hall". We will provide seed meat for the feast and the first tables to start things off as this will be a potluck style affair. We will need everyone to bring a dish to feed eight people. We further will need fire pits, torches, chairs, tables of goodly wood, and many other like items on the day to make this feast work. We ask one and all to bring what that have and share it with others, as people did in the first days of the SCA. We ask that none stay in their camps and deny us their good company this night. We have invited some of the finest Bards of An Tir, and other Kingdoms, to honor us with their stories, songs and music during our evening meal. Then we will all enjoy good revelry into the late hours of the night. We wish that all present will enjoy the evening together under the stars, and help Us celebrate Our good fortune in the honor of ruling in the Great Kingdom of An Tir. So, please heed these words, and help Us make this happen. For without You, we have no Kingdom to Rule.

If you cannot join us at Our Coronation, We hope that you might join us at many of the events coming this summer throughout An Tir. We will also be traveling to the corners of the Knowne World, so that all might know of the glory of An Tir. We will be in attendance at Pennsic War and the Great Western War. We hope to have as many of you as we can, joining Us at these great gatherings.

We say further, let all in the Kingdom strive to increase An Tir's word fame across the Knowne World. Those who fight and win a tournament, do so as a hero of An Tir, before all who are present. Unto all good Archers, those fine Rapier Champions, and those who practice the many Arts and Sciences of the Kingdom, bring forth your talents and enter them in competitions of this Kingdom and others. That all might know of the noble and talented people of An Tir, on and off the field, across the Knowne World.

Uther & Angharad

Awards Given

Awards Given During the Reign of King Uther VI and Queen Angharad VI

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