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Blazon: Or, an oak tree fructed, between in chief a laurel wreath between two oak trees fructed and a ford proper.

The Barony of Wealdsmere (Spokane, Spokane County, WA) is located in the central region of An Tir.

Baron & Baroness

Our Barony is represented to the Sable Throne of An Tir by our Baron and Baroness, His Excellency Sir Caieth of Umber and Her Excellency Araviere Isobelle Magdaleine de St. Etienne.

Past Barons and Baronesses:
Sir Balthazar the Quiet and Mistress Olivia Visconti (founding)

His Excellency Sir Brandt Sturrock and Her Excellency Kelta Bri Lieth

His Excellency Fergus Sturrock and Her Excellency Renata von Silverhart.

Regular Activities

Calendar can be found at http://www.wealdsmere.org/events

  • Baronial Council Meeting - First Tuesday of the month
  • Culinary Guild - Once monthly
  • Dance Practice - 4th Wednesdays of the month
  • Fighters Practice - Weekly Wed 6-9pm, Horizon Middle School, 3915 South Pines Road, Spokane, WA 99206 (Spokane Valley) and Thursdays at 5:30p, at the Valley Mission Park (By Splashdown)

Yearly Events

  • Celtic Revolt and Champions Tourney (May)
  • Sergeants Trials (August)
  • Border War (September)
  • Octoberfest (October)


The Barony of Wealdsmere began as a shire of the Kingdom of the West in the Principality of An Tir in 1978. We seceded from the Kingdom of the West along with the rest of An Tir when it became a Kingdom in its own right in September of 1980. Wealdsmere continued to grow, and in July 1995, we became a Barony at the July coronation of Hwolf Einarsson and Luise die Daverhaft von dem Dammerungstal. It was an event known throughout An Tir as July Toronation because a tornado actually touched ground near the event site!

Baronial Awards

banBheran's Favor: For personal service to the Baroness of Wealdsmere.
Baron's Favor: For personal service to the Baron of Wealdsmere.
Baroness' Favor: For personal service to the Baroness of Wealdsmere.
Golden Acorn: Given for outstanding achievement in the Arts and Sciences.
Golden Oak: A first level service award given for dedication and service to the Barony.
Golden Osprey: A second level service award given for long-term outstanding service to the Barony. Recipient must have received a Golden Oak prior to receiving a Golden Osprey
Sable Sealion: For children who have served the Barony with enthusiasm and sillyness.

Virtual Home

Wealdsmere's 40th Year Domesday Book pages

Visit our website for more information on who we are and what we do.