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ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS or "The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne" - Geoffrey Chaucer
Agnes Cresewyke
Agnes Cresewyke's Arms



  • September 21 AS 31 (1996) Agnes went to her first ever event which was the very last Hero's Tourney in Lions Gate .
  • May AS 32 (1997) joined the retinue of Darius and Morgaine during their reign as King and Queen of An Tir.
  • Personal lady in waiting to Comtessa Morgaine November AS 32 to Clinton AS 34.
  • March AS 33 (1998) Agnes became Eisenmarche A&S champion.
  • July 31 AS 34 (1999) was given an Award of Arms by King Davin.
  • Jan AS 34 (2000) Agnes became student to Mistress Ariel de Courteney at Eisenmarche's Tavern Night.
  • March AS 35 (2001) at Eisenmarche Shire Banquet I became Mistress Ariel's apprentice.
  • October AS 36 (2001) Agnes entered and completed the Golden Swan challenge.
  • January AS 37 (2002) was awarded the Sable Chime by King Avaloc and Queen Mahliqa.
  • February AS 36 (2002) travelled to Estrella War and participated in a Laurel's Prize Tourney.
  • Mar AS 36 (2002) Entered Kingdom A&S.
  • June AS 37 (2002) became Lionsdale's A&S champion.
  • August AS 37 2002 was awarded Jambe de Lion.
  • Sept AS 37 (2002) became Lady in Waiting for Baron Harold Devin and Baroness Aurora when they stepped up.
  • March AS 37 (2003) went to Avacal to enter Kingdom A&S again.
  • May AS 38 (2003) became the first A&S Defender of Lions Gate.
  • September AS 38 (2003) joined the retinue of Prince Ulf and Princess Celdae when they won Tir Righ's Coronet tourney.
  • January AS 38 (2004) became a member of the Order of the Laurel.
  • May AS 39 (2004) was inducted as premier into the Order of the Lion's Fang from the Baron and Baroness of Lions Gate.
  • May AS 42 (2007) was given entry into the Order of the Lion's Claw from the hand of Baron Herold Devin of Lions Gate.
  • Jan AS 42 (2008) stepped down from Baron Harold Devin and Baroness Aurora's retinue when they stepped down from the Barony.
  • April AS 42 (2008) joined the retinue of Savaric and Safiye as Royal Scribe.
  • November AS 43 (2008) stepped down from the retinue of Savaric and Safiye, was awarded the Order of the Red Flame, and l'Etoile d'Argent of Tir Righ. She also recieved the Princess' Talon of Favour at that event from Princess Safiye.
  • June 27th AS 44 (2009) Agnes was honored to be made a member of the Order of the Carp by the hands of Queen Inga and King Vik.
  • December 2010 joined Clan MacAndrew after months of speculation and peer pressure.
  • Serving as Tir Righ's Laurel Secretary from 2010 AS 44 to June Coronet 2015 AS 50.
  • Served as Tir Righ's A&S Minister from June Coronet AS 45 - June Coronet AS 47.
  • At Tir Righ's Coronet October 25th AS 49 (2014) was made a member of the Order of the Silver Pillar.
  • Feb AS 49, (2015) stepped into the office of Baronial Scribe for Lions Gate.
  • At Canterbury Faire March 21 AS 49 (2015) became protégéé to Uilliam mac Fearchair mhic Gille Aindrias.
  • At Baroness' Inspirational Tournament AS 50 (2015) was given a Silver Lance for long term A&S to the Barony of Lions Gate.
  • At Tir Righ Investiture February AS 50 (2016) was awarded Prince's Favour and Princess' Talon of Favour from Prince Vikingr and Princess Lishinia.
  • At Canterbury Faire Feb 27 AS 50 (2016) competed and successfully passed to become the Bardic Champion of Lions Gate.
  • At Lions Gate fight practice Apr 12 AS 50 (2016) became Man at Arms to Serjeant Galath ab Edwin.
  • At Tir Righ's June Coronet June 11 AS 51 (2016) was awarded the Cornucopia by Prince Thorwulf and Princess Wulfwyn.


Known Accomplices


  • Clothing of 14th c England, clothing of 16th c Turkey, clothing of 15th and 16th century Germany
  • Textile work such as: Natural dyeing, spinning, sewing, weaving, tablet weaving
  • Needlework such as: Knitting, embroidery, sewing, and lacemaking
  • Metalworking such as: Pewter casting, wigglework, engraving, repousse
  • Leatherworking such as: Pouches, shoemaking, clothing, and sheaths
  • Art such as: Silk painting, painting, drawing, calligraphy and illumination
  • Book collecting
  • Bellydancing, Dancing
  • Cooking
  • Period sword technique
  • Research
  • Persona
  • And many many more...


For Golden Swan: Agnes Cresewyke was born on the feast of St. Agnes in the year of our lord 1365 SW of London in Guildford to father Thomas and mother Mary. She has a younger sister Meriel Kennett. Currently Agnes resides in London on Cheapside east of St. Paul's cathedral with her husband. She often travels to the Sisters of the Golden Swan on pilgrimage in the fall.

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