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John, Miranda, and Aline

Aline's heraldry

Aline de Seez (Ealeen de Seez)

I was born near Shrewsbury, England of Norman father and Scottish mother in 1111. My father was a minor lord and I grew up in a fairly well established household on the outskirts of the town. Having been taught by the sisters at the local nunnery, I soon discovered an interest in the healing properties of herbs. Now, I try to help the local citizens who require medical assistance, much to the chagrin of my parents, who would like me to marry. At this time, I choose not to think about it. I have been plagued by dreams of a certain lord who is an archer, I believe. But I have not seen this person around. And so I work in my gardens and dream.

The civil war has not changed our lives very much. For some reason we have not been bothered by either side. I only pray that this continues.

SCA Accomplishments

Award of Arms Apr 26 AS 37 / 2003

Arcuarius to John MacAndrew AS 38 / 2004

Member Lions Gate Company of Archers

Goutte de Sang Aug 5 AS 41 / 2006

Order of the Grey Goose Shaft Jan 12, 2008/ AS 42

Silver Pillar (Tir Righ) Dec 3, 2011/ AS 46

Hafoc (Tir Righ) June 9, 2012/ AS 47

Jambe de Lion (An Tir) Feb 16, 2013 / AS 47

Jambe de Lion (An Tir) June 8, 2013/ AS 48

l'Etoile d'Argent (Tir Righ) Dec 7, 2013/ AS 48

Beacon of Insula Magna (Seagirt) Mar 19, 2016/ AS L

Defender of Archery (Lions Gate)

May 8 AS 39 / 2004 through Apr 30, 2005/ AS 39

April 2011/AS 46-May 2012/AS 47

April 2015/AS49-April 2016/AS50

Archery Champion (Tir Righ)

Sept 14, 2002 AS 37

Sept 17, 2005/AS 40

Sept 24, 2011/AS 46

SCA Resume


-Sable Loat of Lions Gate-2007-2009

-Black Adderbolt Herald (Education Herald) of Tir Righ-June 2012-Nov 2013

-Hartwood Chief Archer-Jan 2012-Jan 2014

-Hartwood Herald-May 2013-Jan 2015]]

-Hartwood Family Activities Officer-Nov 2015- present


-Introduction to Archery

-Jr Target Archery Marshal class

-Children's Archery

-Archery Form Analysis

-Women in Archery

-Coaching Clinics-4 years at BCIT

-Silk Painting-15 times over 6 years

-Celtic Knotwork


-Co-Event Steward-Days of Archery Oct 2002

-Tir Righ Heraldic Symposium-May 2013

-Decorating Team for Lions Gate Baronial Banquets including The Gates of Jerusalem, Macandrew Hunting Lodge

-Decorating Team for Kingdom 12th Night event hosted by Lions Gate-Jan 2008

-Event Team for Hartwood events 2011-present

Other Service]]

Senior Archery TAM

-Travelled to Krakafjord to run Archery -Summer 2003?

-Archery MIC for Seagirt and Hartwood

-Assisted wth archery practices for 12 years

-Site Token Team for At War 2015

-Participated in Demos in Lions Gate, Hartwood, and At War 2015

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