An Tir/West War XLV/2010

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1-5 July XLV/2010
Tymberhavene (Coos Bay and Gold Beach, OR)
Euchre Creek
Beautiful sun, wind morning and evening, some rain on the first night but overall quite pleasant
Rapier scenarios
A tournament held by Caid

Event Highlights

The Caidan tournament included random draws for combat styles. Among these were such notable styles as dagger and buckler, insults (which devolved into Yo' Mama jokes), and compliments.


Flickr photos by Miyake Nobuhiro

Personal Memories

I left the fighting before this, but on the second war day An Tir decided to sally forth from the castle. Lay on was called and over a hundred warriors kicked over the wall (hay bales) and charged down the hill at the wide-eyed Westies. Awesome sight.

I made the mistake of challenging one of the last fighters on the first scenario of the first day. Little did I know that this particular fighter was the king of Caid. He gave me a head tilt as I raised my greatsword to offer him single combat and then waded in to me shield first. I'm proud to say that he had to leg me before he killed me, so I must not have done that bad.

The Iron Ring introduced a friend of ours--visiting from Louisiana--to his first event. Before this, he was talking about the possibility of moving up to Oregon. By the end of the second war day he was grinning ear to ear, totally sucked into Oregon's beauty and the marvel that is the SCA.

--José Cabrera de Castilla 18:10, 7 Jul 2010 (PDT)

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