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Anastasia Daysshe has been in the SCA since the fall of 1995 and plays within the Barony of Seagirt. ( Victoria BC )


She was dance mistress from 1998 until 2012. The dance class has grown in numbers of people and songs over the course of the years and is located currently at the Ukrainian Cultural Center on Douglas and Roderick st. Dance takes place from 7-9pm, the second, third and fourth Tuesday of ever month and everyone is welcome. Drop in Donation is what ever is in your pocket.

Her very first event, though she attended dance weekly, was the Seagirt Summer Tourney where Lord Haugen ( spelling ? ) won all three Events. After that, she was hooked, moving to actively autocrating events, running gate, running numerous demos, set up, tear down, retinue work, and whatever else was needed.

She loves to write, draw, and Craft costumes. She also actively models for fun on the side, outfits that tend to favour faeries, one of her favorite creatures, along side Dragons.

In her Mundane life, she co owns the Grooming salon that she started in, way back in 1989, under Dawn Bell. She has two terrier crosses named Gidget and Gadget who are aging in their life, nearing 18 years old ( 16 in June 2013 )

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Awards Given over the course of her tenure within the SCA,

Order of the Silent Harp ( Baronial ),
Order of the Silent Hammer ( Baronial ) ,
Order of the Seagull ( Baronial ) ,
Spirit of Violente ( Baronial ) ,
Award of Arms ,
Goutte de Song ,
Order of the Silver Piller,

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