Azure Mary MacGregor

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Azure Mary MacGregor
Azure al Khabeelah
Azure painted this glorious wall on the new bathhouse and won a War point for Lions Gate at Clinton War XL/2005

Also known as azure al Khabeelah of the al Khabeelah household.

Has been known to be a member of the Bardic Lights, and a resident of Lions Gate.

A fencer, light fighter, calligrapher, merchant and bard, Azure keeps busy in the al khabeelah tent playing Tablero da Gucci whenever possible.

Her original Laurel Master Cathal Sean O'Connlauin was eaten by a whale three years ago off the coast of the Barony of Seagirt. Some say he and Jonah spend their days spinning tales of wonder to while away the days.

Her new Laurel, Mistress Arias the Innkeeper's Daughter, is renowned for her Bardic Arts, including such songs as "Beer Maids of Valhalla" and "Where's Your Knickers, Nyree."

She married Steffano da Gucci al Khabeelah on the first Saturday of October 2009 and, gosh, is he still happy about how lucky he is.

Azure is a Cardinal of The Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Christian Church of An Tir Inc.

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