Caitrina inghean Aindriasa

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Caitrina inghean Aindriasa

Caitrina full.png

Caitrina inghean Aindriasa, (ka-TREE-na in-yen ahn-DRAH-sha) was born in Inverness Scotland in the year 1273. She had one sibling, a brother named Cairbre MacAnndra (MacAnndra meaning son of Andrew)... Unfortunately Cairbre perished in a guerrilla raid against English officials while travelling to Avoch castle so that he could join Andrew de Moray in the uprising against the English in 1297.

The real story... In 2003 she began a relationship with her long lost friend Uilliam who was telling her of this group he belonged to and wanted to see if she would be interested in checking it out. He said, "There's something in the SCA for everyone, no matter what your interest is.". She told him of her fascination with coats of arms. He clapped his hands together and let out an evil laugh... the rest as they say... is history.

On July 21, AS 47 (2012 CE), Caitrina was admitted into the Order of the Pelican.

On the 30th of November, AS 48 (CE 2013), Uilliam and Caitrina were invested as the 5th Baron and Baroness of Lions Gate.

Caitrina is married to Uilliam mac Fearchair mhic Gille Aindrias and is a member of Clan MacAndrew.

She bears; Quarterly gules and sable, a winged fox sejant argent. Her motto is "Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam" ("I will either find a way, or make one.")

Registered badges; (Fieldless) In pale a mouse statant argent tail threading a needle fesswise sable. (Fieldless) Eight thistles conjoined in annulo stems to center proper.



  • Pied Piper, Lions Gate (AS XXXVIIII - XXXXI)
  • Sable Loat Pursuivant, Lions Gate (AS XXXX - XXXXII)
  • Lions Blood Herald, An Tir (AS XXXXII - XLIV)
  • Gold Key, Lions Gate (AS XXXXII - XLIII)
  • Silver Sparks Pursuivant, Tir Righ (AS XLIV - AS XLV)
  • Chamberlain, Tir Righ (AS XLIV - AS XLV)
  • Silver Yale Herald Tir Righ (AS XLIV - AS XLVII)
  • Chamberlain, Tir Righ (AS XLVI - AS XLVIII)
  • Hafoc Herald Tir Righ (AS XLVII - AS XLVIII)
  • Seneschale, Lions Gate (AS XLVII - AS XLVIII)
  • Baroness of Lions Gate (AS XLVIII - current)

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