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Christopher Stanley's arms (Quarterly Sable and Or goutte des larmes per bend sinister)
Christopher Stanley's badge (Sable, three lightning bolts 1 and 2 conjoined at the points Or)
Christopher Stanley's maker's mark (Fieldless, a meeple of the field)



  • Award of Arms, June Fair 2013
  • White Scarf Invitational winner, May Crown 2013
  • Rapier Champion of Dragon's Laire, 2012-2013
  • Guildmasters Invitational winner, AnTir/West War 2011
  • Rapier Champion of Blatha An Oir, 2004-2005


  • Guard for Her Royal Majesty Caoimhe ingen Domnaille (2013)
  • Retinue for Vic Vickingson and Astrid av det Fjord Landskap (2012)
  • Rapier Co-MIC for A Day at the Manor (2012)

Arts and Science

  • Silk Banner/Scarf making
  • Once made half a leather shoe
  • Studying and practicing the art of defense with a rapier


More Information

I have been going to SCA events since 1995, and have been a member since around 2000. I took up fighting rapier around 2002 and it has been my main interest in the Society since then.

I have been known to make a fine silk banner now and again.

You can contact me here: christopherstanleysca (at) gmail (dot) com


The Challenge of the Lion

!Map of Fight Practices

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