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Sable, a dragon's head couped within a laurel wreath, a bordure nebuly argent.

The Barony of Dragon's Mist (Washington County, OR) is located in the rivers region of An Tir. It is one of the oldest branches of An Tir.



Refr orðlokarr Fiachson and Svava in litla, Founding Baron & Baroness, 24 September XLVI/2011
Finn Grim and Faunus de Arden, 27 September XLIX/2014


An example of the Seneschal's Favor, a pendant of the Shire badge
Seneschal: Lady Anne Midwinter
Pursuivant: HL Lisette de la Rose
Exchequer: Lord Alexander Scott
Marshal: HE Conrad Dmitrius Kulczynowski
A&S Minister: Lady Brigitta Geisen Riegers von Wolfratshausen
Chronicler: Renna Ravenswald
Scribe: HL Iuliana de la Sara
Chatelaine: HL Ignatius Rieger
Minister of Family Activities:
Webminister: Rose Barber

Current Defenders/Champions

Barony Recognitions


  • Dragon's Mist Champion's Tournament (DMCT) - mid-summer, usually July (Heavy Championship)
  • Acorn War - A joint event with the Shire of Mountain Edge.
  • Beaverton Farmers Market Demo - Public Demo in the late summer
  • Carnevale - usually in March or April (Rapier and A&S Championship)
  • Marshal's Workshop - an event dedicated to authorizing new Marshals for Heavy, Archery, Youth, and Rapier
  • Boar's Head Hunt & Feast - (Thrown Weapons and Archery Championship), heavy combat event themed around boars (our anniversary event of becoming a Barony)

Recently held yearly events

Recurring Baronial functions:

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