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Inspired by Sir Owain ap Einar

Squire to Sir Hrothgar Thorvaldsson

Princess Wrenn at Her Investiture, November 2007

Adwen Wrenn - Branch: Ramsgaard First Event- Spring 1997

Event Stewarding
-Autocrat Ramsgaard's Spring Tune Up May 2001
-Autocrat Ramsgaard's Freeze Off Event October 2001
-Autocrat Ramsgaard's Freeze Off Event October 2002
-Co Autocrat September Coronet 2006
-Autocrat Ramsgaard's Freeze Off XX Event October 2007
-Event Steward Avacal Tir Righ War I June 2008
-Event Steward Avacal Tir Righ War II June 2009

-Shire of Ramsgaard: Acted as Deputy Seneschal 2001
-Shire of Ramsgaard: Chatelaine 2000-2002 (ish)
-Shire of Ramsgaard: Seneschal 2002-2004, 2007
-Shire of Ramsgaard: Chronicler 2003- 2007 (Published Battering Ram -quarterly- now a web page)
-Shire of Ramsgaard: A&S 2003- 2006 2007(Teach or organize monthly classes)
-Tir Righ A&S Minister Interim April 2006- 2007

Royal Service
-Lady in Waiting to Celdae Sept 2003- April 2004
-Lady in Waiting to Princess Bernadette October 2004- April 2005
-Guard to Prince Kheron 2006
-Advisor to Princess Caoimhinn April 2007- September 2007
-Guard to Queen Miranda August 2007- September 2007
-ban-Tanist (Tir Righ) | 15-Sep-2007 | AS 42
-Princess (Tir Righ) | 17-Nov-2007 | AS 42
-Crown Princess | 17-May-2008 | AS 43
-Queen | 19-Jul-2008 | AS 43

Heavy Field
Most Chivalric- Squires Spring Investiture June 2004
-Squired to Sir Hrothgar August 2004
-Most Chivalric Torchlight Tourney Coill Mhor August 2005
-Most Chivalric Barony of Dragonslaire June 2007
-Most Chivalric Pas d'Arms Appledore October 2007
-Victor in Ursulmas Bearmeat Tournament Barony of Aquaterra January 2008
-Moderator “Girls Club” Forum for Female SCA Fighters 2008- Present

Arts & Sciences Teaching
-Ithra- Taught Wood Block Printing Clinton 2004
-Ithra- Taught Henna, Norse Style Haversacks, March 2004
Ithra- Taught Woodblock Printing, Lampwork, Dark Age Stitches April 2008
Ithra- Taught Lampwork, Dark Age Stitches August 2008
Ithra- Taught Lampwork September 2008

TUTR- Taught Dark Age Coats, Woodblock Printing Oct 2008
TUTR Dean 2008- present
TUTR- Taught Coptic Bookbinding

Founding Member of the Lampworkers Guild of Tir Righ
Local Arts Nights: Lampwork, Henna, Bookbinding, Tunics & Underdresses, Inkle Loom Building, Weaving, Dark Age Stitches, Woodblock Printing, Haversaks and more.

Award of Arms | 2-Aug-2001 | AS 36
Lily (Tir Righ) | 14-Jun-2003 | AS 38
Lily (Tir Righ) | 24-Apr-2004 | AS 38
Princess' Talon of Favour (Tir Righ) | 18-Sep-2004 | AS 39
-Silver Pillar (Tir Righ) | 18-Sep-2004 | AS 39
Princes' Favour (Tir Righ) | 16-Oct-2004 | AS 39
Goutte de Sang | 5-Mar-2005 | AS 40
Arts and Sciences Champion (Tir Righ) | 9-Apr-2005 | AS 39
Jamb de Lion October 2005
L'Etoile d'Argent | 1-Apr-2006 | AS 40
Sliver Lily April 2006
Guardian of Tir Righ April 2006
Forget-me-not | 17-Nov-2007 | AS 42
Prince's Favour | 10-May-2008 | AS 43
Valorous Estate | 10-May-2008 | AS 43
Viscountess | 10-May-2008 | AS 43
Hafoc | 28-Jun-2008 | AS 43
Forget-me-not | 19-Jul-2008 | AS 43
Countess | 10-Jan-2009 | AS 43
Rose | 10-Jan-2009 | AS 43

Wrenn competing at the Lionsdale Spring Tournament 2007

In her time in the SCA Wrenn has dabbled in many things- she started off heavy fighting, took up merchanting and henna, took up weaving (inkle mostly), helped with lists at squires and crowns, waterbeared, piped pipered, demo-crated, made way too may haversacks & chocolate nipples and has traveled a fair amount with in our kingdom and a bit into the Known World. And now is back where she started heaving fighting (with time spent in the study of A&S)

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