Esmé de Blacwatyr

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Esmé de Blacwatyr


(in progress)

Offices & Positions

Current positions are in bold

*In Service, Barony of Dragons Mist, 2006 to current

*Deputy Director, Barony of Dragons Mist, November 2013 to present

*Co-Head moderator of Yahoo group for Dragons Mist, May 2014 to present

         *Sergentry, Barony of Dragons Mist, December 15, 2012 to current

*Lady in Waiting, to Baroness Svava in litla, September 2011 to present

*Coordinator, Famility activites, Dragons Mist, 2006-2012

Classes Taught

*Basic Calligraphy: Carolingian Miniscule, Spring Ithra, Fire Mountain Keep, 3-15-08


*Hand of Fulla, (Service), (An Tir), Barony of Dragons Mist, Febrary 15, 2014 AS XLVIII

*Pinecone (Friend of) ,(An Tir), Barony of Three Mountain, September 22, 2012 AS XLVII

*Goutte de Sang (Service), (An Tir), Barony of Dragons Mist, August 20, 2011 AS XLVI

*Award of Arms (An Tir), Barony of Dragons Mist, September 13, 2008 AS XLIII


*Silver necklesses

*Sewing needle booklets

*Charter for my entry into Sergentry

*Challenged the Basic Calligraphy class

*Designed and Drew my own Hearldry

          *Hearldry Crossstitch

Artistic Interests

*jewelry making

          *Pewter Casting

*Soap Making

*Armor Making

*Leather Working



          *research on history

*Calligraphy and Illuminations

*Sewing Historical clothing mostly Tudor era

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