Hawise le Wollemongere

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Hawise le Wollemongere is a 14th-century Englishwoman living near Salisbury who weaves, plays the harp for enjoyment, likes 14th-century cooking, and making parchment. She has twin children, Conan and Philippa. Her husband is a wool merchant who is frequently away on business.

Hawise is a reincarnation of Rhiannon Bran Foch O'Machynlleth, who disappeared in AS XXVIII and chose to come back under more authentic circumstances in AS XLIV.


Event Steward, SST/SYG, Barony of Seagirt, AS L

Public Relations Coordinator, Avacal/Tir Righ (AT) War/Nakusp Medieval Days Demo, AS L

Blue Inkhorn Pursuivant to Red Flame Herald, Tir Righ; AS XLVI-XLVIII

Editor of The Glaucous, Shire of Seagirt newsletter, September AS XXVII to August XXVIII

Co-autocrat, SST, AS XXVIII

Co-autocrat, Daffodil Defender's Tournament, AS XXVI

Order of the Jambe de Lion, An Tir, AS XLIX; Ordre de l'Etoile d'Argent, Tir Righ, AS XLVIII; Rock, Barony of Seagirt, AS XLVIII; Award of Arms, An Tir, AS XXVI

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