Isabella Lucrezia Veneziano Martini

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Although went to my first event at 12th Night 1986, did not really start playing until September Crown 1994

Main areas of interest are:

- Costuming, particularly Italian Renaissance, Viking Age Clothing, Iron Age Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Livonian, Baltic, Byzantine, Balkan etc.

- Research

- Scribal

I have made/co-ordinated Step Up or Step down clothes for 10 Kingdom Reigns and 3 Principality reigns

I have the honour to be Consort to Sir Arminius Scorpius

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister from March 2000 to step down at Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship XXXVI/2002

Have served on numerous Kingdom, and Principality Retinues

Resides in Tir Righ

Apprentice: Bianca Lucrezia (Seagirt)

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