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His Excellency Master James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd, OP
  1. Was entered into the Order of the Pelican at Daffodil Tournament 22 March XXXVII/2003
  2. Was 3rd Baron of the Barony of Seagirt 2004-2008
  3. Is head of House of the Golden Oar
  4. Founder and Commander of the Wingnuts East - Barony of Ruantallan
  5. Founder and Commander of the Wingnuts West - Barony of Seagirt
  6. One of the founding Paradigms of the fighting company of Red Dawn.
  7. OP entry http://op.antirheralds.org/op/rosters/j.shtml#James%20Llewellyn%20ap%20Gruffyd
  8. Proteges
  9. Former Proteges



1232 James ap Gruffydd was born to a Welsh Baron of the Marches Gruffydd of Gwyn and his serving maid while on service in the holy land following the Sixth Crusade. During the Seventh Crusade James first saw action at the Battle of Harbiya 1244 as an attendant to his father. He later saw service to the french King Louis IX at court in Acre. Following his father's death James returned to Wales to claim his birthright and Castle Gwyn (the White Castle) only to find the lands safely in the hands of his older sister whom he had never known existed and Wales fighting for its sovereignty with Henry III. With the rise of Prince Llewellyn as the last 'Prince of Wales' James openly declared himself for Wales and swore himself into service. He added Llewellyn to his name. In 1262 Henry III offered James the Baronetcy and Castle Gwyn (http://www.castlewales.com/white.html) outright. He now spends his time between defending the Marches from Welsh incursion and travelling about the Holy Land with the Templars.


Currently Living in the Kingdom of An Tir


Silent Harp (Seagirt)
Olde Shattered Shield 1988
Award of Arms Aug 2 AS 22 / 1987
Olde Shattered Shield Dec 26 AS 22 / 1987
Sergeant (Lions Gate) Aug 14 AS 23 / 1988
Iceberg (Ruantallan) Apr 4 AS 26 / 1992
Goutte de Sang Mar 26 AS 28 / 1994
Magistrae Ithra May 28 AS 29 / 1994
Seagull (Seagirt) June 12 AS 30 / 1995
Lector Ithra - Scientiae Nov 22 AS 32 / 1997
Silent Hammer (Seagirt) Dec 12 AS 33 / 1998
Narwhal (Seagirt) Mar 20 AS 33 / 1999
Court Baron Jan 12 AS 36 / 2002
Sergeant (Seagirt) Aug 24 AS 37 / 2002
Rock (Seagirt) Aug 24 AS 37 / 2002
Pelican Mar 22 AS 37 / 2003
Forget-me-not July 19 AS 38 / 2003
Throne Favor Jan 10 AS 38 / 2004
Baron (Seagirt) Jan 10 AS 38 / 2004 through Apr 12 AS 42 / 2008
Grand Councilor (SCA) Mar 17 AS 38 / 2004
Silver Pillar (Tir Righ) Aug 14 AS 39 / 2004
Beacon of Insula Magna (Seagirt) Mar 15 AS 42 / 2008
Jambe de Lion Apr 12 AS 42 / 2008
Silent Harp Apr 1 AS 42 / 2008
Hafoc May 14 AS 44 / 2009
King's Favor Jan 08 AS 45 / 2011
l'Etoile d'Argent Feb 18 AS 46 / 2012
Order_of_the_Grey_Goose_Shaft Jun 23 AS 47 / 2012
Forget-me-not July 21 AS 47 / 2012
Prince's Favour Feb 26 AS 47 / 2013
Order_of_the_Raven_of_Tir_Righ Dec 14 AS 48 / 2013
Torch and Key Mar 19 AS 50 / 2016

Past Offices

Founding Seneshal of Crickstow-on-Sea
Seneschal Seagirt
Constable Seagirt
Chronicler Seagirt
Chatelaine Seagirt
Chatelaine Northern Region
Master of Stables Seagirt
Herald Seagirt
Knight Marshal Barony of Ruantallan
Knight Marshal Canton of Seashire
Exchequer Crickstow-on-Sea
Baron Seagirt
Public Relations Seagirt
Dance Master Seagirt
Ithra Registrar Crickstow-on-Sea
Calendar Deputy Tir Righ
Webmaster Seagirt
An Tir Seneschal
Tir Righ Chronicler


Autocratted 50 events including In Seagirt:

86 Oct, Guy Fawkes Revel – Autocrated first event on 1 year anniversary
Bitterwaters War x2
Sealion War x2
Daffodil Tournament x3
Northern Region Heavy Championships
Yule x4
SST x4
Sergeants Trials x2
Kingdom 12th Night 2001
Tavern Night x4
Pas D'armes
Eotmy Tournament (End of the Mundane Year Tournament)
Camelia von Rottenburg Memorial Tournament
Hartwood-Seagirt Police Action

In Crickstow-on-Sea:

Aqua Cullis Pentathlon
An Evening in Jerusalem (Crusades)
A Tavern in London
All Saints Feast
Combat Ithra
Elizabethan Masked Ball
Pirates of the Aegean

In Barony of Ruantallan:

Celebration of Spring Tournament
Celebration of Archery
Sergeants Trials

In Canton of Seashire: War Camp

In Barony of Lions Gate: Sergeants Trials


"Autocratting an Event" – a guide for new event autocrats in the SCA


"Seagirtian War Manual" - a training manual for war fighting



Magistrae Ithra x 5 Lector Artis

Too many to count


One of the seven wonders of Tir Righ...

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