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Properly known as John Warrick Draker, Warwick was born on the docks of London and took to sea young, serving as cabin boy on the ships of Sir Francis Drake. It was a fine time for Warwick. He was learning to fence, fight, sail, anything anyone would teach him.

Returning to England as an adult, on a ship laden with Spanish gold, and witnessing his master elevated to Knighthood on the deck of the Hinde, Warwick took to shore with his share and set himself up with the fine clothes and weapons of a successful privateer.

When the Armada threatened, Warwick re-entered the service of Elizabeth's "Pirate" and once again fought bravely for England.

Warwick can trace his name back to a warrior (Seathan de Waerincgwican) who lived and fought a generation or two after the Romans left Briton, and the Angles, Saxons and Jutes began to colonise the island.


HL Seamus McKinneach

Lady Malie Rennick

Lady Isoude

Scotia the Loud


Was cadetted to Gemma Delaroche

Squire to Ulf Bloodfoot Fallgrson

Resides: Lions Gate

Awards: OP

Offices: Present - Tir Righ Earl Marshal. Past - Lions Gate Master of Blades, Tir Righ Cut and Thrust Marshal, An Tir Cut and Thrust Marshal

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