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I attended my first event in 1995 and fell instantly in love. Over the years I have gone through a lot of changes and growth as a person as well as in my persona.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

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Persona History

Lissette De La Rose is an early 16th century Woman born in Navarre who is the youngest daughter of a Textile Merchant and a french noblewoman of a minor house. Her mother died in childbirth and Lissette was raised by a series of governesses and household staff members while her father traveled. She learned the basic appropriate to any young lady of her time but she was wild and often ducked her responsibilities to ride in the woods or tend to her roses. She spent some time in the court of Marguerite de Navarre and was heavily influenced by her teachings on charity .Pierre Brantôme said of Marguerite: "She was a great princess. But in addition to all that, she was very kind, gentle, gracious, charitable, a great dispenser of alms and friendly to all." and Lissette strives to reach these same virtues.

Her father frequently contracted with the Iron Ring to protect his shipments heading to and from Italy. When she showed little to no prospects of marriage at home he struck a deal with the Iron Ring for her services. She was betrothed to Nicolai and they wed within a year. The life of a mercenary wife suits her taste for adventure and she often uses her fathers connections to secure supplies for the company.

Current Awards

  • Dragon's Scale (x2) - Shire of Dragons Mist (2008,2009)
  • Award of Arms- An Tir/West War 2009
  • Goutte de Sang- Mountain Edge Defenders Tourney 2011
  • Hand of Fulla - Dragons Mist Champions Tourney 2012
  • Pinecone - Boars Head Hunt and Feast 2012
  • Ring Giver - Boars Head Hunt and Feast 2012
  • Forget Me Not - 12th Night 2013
  • Baronesses Favor - Boars Head Hunt and Feast 2014
  • Heart of the Dragon - Boars Head Hunt and Feast 2014
  • Jambe de Lion -Arts Gathering 2014
  • Courtier - Arts Gathering 2014
  • Forget Me Not - An Tir West War 2015
  • Golden Torc - Three Mountains Yule 2015
  • Barons Favor - Dragons Mist Yule 2015
  • Forget Me Not - 12th Night 2016

Current Positions in the Barony of Dragon's Mist

White Dragon Pursuivant 2014
Courtier 2014

Past Positions in the shires of Dragon's Mist and Mountain Edge

Deputy to the Marshal (2007-2010),
Arts & Sciences Defender - Shire of Moutain Edge 2010
Chatelaine (2010-2011) ,
Deputy to the Exchequer (Prize Cache)(2007-2011),
Deputy to the Chronicler (Research and Photography)(2008-2011),
Contingency Deputy to the Chronicler (2008-2011),
Bardic Defender - Shire of Dragon's Mist (2011-2012)
Retinue Barony of Dragon's Mist 2011 - 2014
Deputy Scribe 2014-2014

SCA Resume

Volunteer Positions

WaterBearer in Charge

Dragons Mist Events 2007-2015

       Faire in the Grove
       Beaverton Farmers Market Demo
       Newcomers/Youth Championship

Other Events

       Acorn War 2007-2013
       An tir West War 2009 (this was an onsite promotion as I was asked by the volunteer coordinator to step up on site)
       Sport Of Kings 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015
       July Coronation 2012, 2014
       Grand Thing 2013
       Boars Head 2013
       DM/3M Yule 2013
       Grand Thing 2014 
       May Crown 2015

Feast Steward -

       Boars Head Hunt and Feast 2014
       West Coast Culinary Symposium 2016

Court Herald - Multiple DM Events, Grand Thing- Barony of Stromgard

Field Herald: Multiple DM Events, Unbelted Fighters Tourney An Tir West War 2015

Merchant Coordinator 12th Night 2016

Retinue Staff: Multiple Baronial and Royal reigns

Lists : An Tir West War Beat Back Cancer tournament 2015

Additional Volunteering includes; Gate, Kitchen Staff (serving and feast prep), and General event staff (set up/tear down/site tokens etc) 

Arts and Sciences Interests

Cooking ( Focus on Sauces and 16th Century French cooking)

Charter painting and design



Silk Painting


Card Weaving

For Scribal Inspiration or to look at projects I am working on please visit my Flickr feed [ ]


Pelican: Ula Brennasdottir

Laurel: Svava in Littla
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