Magdalen of Haphazard Manor

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Also known to those who are sober enough and lofty enough to pronounce it as Magdalen of Haphazard Manor

Hails from Frozen Mountain, that wee girly shire in the far Eastern reaches of Tir Righ.

Mags' proudest accomplishment is the creation of Walburga of Liege, a 13th century Beguine who lives in Belgium as a Beguine.

Award of Arms July AS 27? (1993)

Goutte de Sang - 1997? Hmmm, shakey on these dates!

Golden Swan-Appledore 2001 as Walburga of Liege

Jambe de Lion - Kingdom A&S 2005

Skills: varied and nebulous. Loves to sing, play, schmooze, force feed water down fighter's throats, and help put on events where people have fun! Has a truck, so often popular. (note to self: insert a picture of the truck here!)

Sews and does research when she can!

Mags device.gif.

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