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Mara Competing at Three Mountains Champions


Mara inghean Eoghain was born in 1608 in a small village of the Orkney Isles. Eldest child of Eoghan Ă“Briain, a wealthy sea merchant, and Mairghread inghean Dubhghaill mhic Cainnich, she moved to her Father's estates in 1612. A few years later, she saw the birth of her two sisters. When she is home, she is tutored in the appropriate lessons for a Lady, as well as the merchant skills of reading, writing and figuring. However, she has taken to "slipping away" on her father's merchant ships, and has been learning archery and fighting, as well as seamanship.

SCA background

OP Listing

  • Mara's first event, sort of, was Thiry Year Celebration. - Mama was pregnant.
  • Mara has attended numberous events in Caid and AnTir.
  • Her first encounter with Royalty was at Frost Dragon Tourney in Barony of Naevehjem, Ciad. - October 1999 ("Look at your toes," says Dad)
  • She has volunteered multiple times as a waterbearer for both tournaments and wars.
  • She has earned a place as a Defender of the Shire of Dragon's Mist for Youth Archery. - June 2009
  • She has earned a place as the Protector of the Shire of River's Bend for Youth Archery. - August 2009
  • Received a Dragon's Scale at Faire in the Grove 2010.
  • Received a Leo Minor at May Crown 2011.
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