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Mistress Meredith of the White Cliffs Order of the Pelican
  Former protege to Master James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd, OP
  Protege-sister to:
  HL Finna Kettilsdottir and
  HL Doireann Dechti



Currently Living in the shire of Cragmere

Current Office(s)

Seneschal of Cragmere


Award of Arms Feb 16 AS 19 / 1985
Goutte de Sang July 20 AS 26 / 1991
Stag Tag (Hartwood) June 27 AS 27 / 1992
Silver Stag (Hartwood) Dec 27 AS 32 / 1997
Silver Swan (Cragmere) Oct 6 AS 39 / 2004
Jambe de Lion June 11 AS 40 / 2005
Beacon of Insula Magna (Seagirt) June 10 AS 41 / 2006
Silver Pillar (Tir Righ) Sept 9 AS 41 / 2006
Order of the Pelican (An Tir) Nov 23 AS 43 / 2008

Past Offices

Founding Seneshal of Hartwood 1991
Chronicler of Tir Righ and Northern Sentinel Editor 19-Nov-2005 – Sep-2007
Seneschal Eisenmarche
Chronicler in Hartwood
Chatelaine in Hartwood


In Eisenmarche:

83 Sept, Dover to Kiev Picnic – Autocrat
84 Jan, Eisenmarch Banquet, Co-Autocrat with Mistress Roweena
84 April, Birthday revel, Autocrat
84 Aug, Peasants Revolt, Co-Autocrat
On going Calligraphy workshops at our home
85 Feb, Games night and potluck, Autocrat
85 May, Mega Demo, organized the Pied Piper area and activities
85 July, Civil War, Co-Autocrat
85 Sept, Peasants Revolt, Autocrat
86 Jan, Party for SIR Geoffrey, Autocrat
86 July, Merchants War, Co-Autocrat
86 Nov, Samhain, Autocrat

(calenders for ’87 to ’89 are missing events from photo album)

In summer of ’89 we moved to Insula Magna.

In Hartwood
89 Aug, Founding meeting, Autocrat
89 Sept First Feast and Revel – Autocrat

Ongoing new members workshops

90 March, 4H War and feast, Autocrat and Feastocrat
90 April, Easter picnic with Jarping and Beer bunny, Autocrat
90 Aug. Caeras Revel, Autocrat (with Caera as Co-Autocrat)
90 Aug. Tegan’s Revel, Autocrat (w’Tegan as co)
90 Sept.(weekend) Founding Day Tourney, autocrat
90 Oct. Tavern Night, autocrat (with Mikale as co)

On going new members workshops and Councils

91 Jan. Shire Christmas Party, feast, autocrat and feastocrat
91 Feb. Valentines, potluck, autocrat
91 March, War and Archery Weekend, autocrat and feastocrat
91 June (weekend) Our War , autocrat
91 July (weekend) Cedrics War, autocrat (w’Cedric as co)
91 Aug. (weekend) Demo at Fall Fair, autocrat
91 Sept (weekend) Shire Birthday, autocrat
91 Dec. (evening) Christmas Revel, autocrat

On going calligraphy, heraldry, armoring and other new members workshops

92 Feb.(evening) Winter Valhalla, Feast, feastocrat
92 April, (weekend) Holmgang war, Autocrat (w’Mikale as co)
92 Oct. (weekend) Demo with Lions (I think) autocrat
92 Nov. (evening) Samhain, autocrat and feastocrat
And of course, on going newcomers meetings
93 Jan. (evening) 12th. Night. Autocrat
93 April (evening) Hartwood at home, autocrat and feastocrat
93 June (weekend) Hartwood war training, autocrat
93 July,(day event) picnic, The Dragon’s Treasure Hunt, autocrat
93 Sept (weekend) Harvest War, autocrat
93 Dec. (evening) Christmas Tavern night, autocrat
As always, on going meetings, now called Guild meetings
94 Jan. (evening) 12th Night. Autocrat
94 Feb. (weekend) Meet the Peers, Autocrat and Feastocrat
94 July (weekend) Hartwood’s at home War, autocrat
94 Oct. (evening) Hartwood’s Birthday, autocrat
95 Jan.(evening) Hartwood’s 12th. Night. Autocrat and feastocrat
95 June (weekend) Blue Rose tourney, Autocrat
95 July (dayevent) Demo in Parksville, Autocrat
95 Sept. (weekend) Shire Birthday Bash, Autocrat
95 Oct. Do intro talk at Cragmere’s founding Event
95 Dec(evening) WhiteCourt, autocrat and feastocrat

(96 calendar missing)
97 July (weekend) Hartwood’s Ladies Tourney, autocrat
97 Sept. (weekend) Birthday Bash, autocrat
97 Dec.(evening) WhiteCourt, autocrat (stepped down as Sen.)
98 June (weekend) Children’s Court, autocrat
98 Aug (dayevent) Mid Summer Revel, autocrat
98 Sept. (weekend) Birthday Bash, autocrat
98 Oct. (evening) Harvest Feast, autocrat and feastocrat
99 Feb. (day and evening) I was supposed to only autocrat not feastocrat, but at 2 in afternoon, the feastocrat phoned in sick – she had all the food and supplies at her house, several hours drive away. In the two or three hours before the feast, I planed, shopped for, prepped and cooked a feast for 75.
99 March,(evening) TavernNight, autocrat
99 May,(evening) Revel, autocrat
99 June, (weekend) Children’s Court
99 Sept. (weekend) B Bash, autocrat
2000 Jan. (evening) Ballistas, Catapults and Trebs, Oh My!, autocrat
2000 Feb (day event) Pas d’Arms, autocrat
2000 July (weekend) Tourney and Herbal event, autocrat
2000 Aug. (weekend) Parade, Demo and revel, autocat
2000 Oct. (evening) Samhain, autocrat
2000 Nov (evening) Hartwood games night, autocrat

In Cragmere

03 Dec. (evening event) Christmas Revel , pot luck, autocrat
04 Jan. (evening event) Robber Baron’s Murder Mystery, autocrat
05 April (weekend) Rod and Gun club weekend, autocrat
05 June, (weekend) Upper Island Event, Autocrat Cragmere’s participation.
05 Dec. (evening) Christmas Revel,(art and Science display) autocrat, feastocrat
06 Dec. Christmas revel, again with A and S display, autocrat, feastocrat
07 Aug. (weekend) Demo fall fair, autocrat
07 Nov. (evening Potluck) Cragmere Social, autocrat
08 March, (evening potluck) Evening at Birka, autocrat
It must be noted that no one who has husband and family does any event on their own – I must give HUGE thanks to my Lord, Ulric Fredricson, My son. Lord Aelfgar, and especially my daughter Lady Mogg, who should claim co autocrat to almost all my events.
I must acknowledge Mistress Roweena’s tutelage! She made me Co autocrat a lot of things, and she did make me work! It is a style of teaching that I have continued to use to this day!


"A Child’s Bill of Rights" – parenting advice in the SCA
"Going to a Medieval Feast or Revel" – what to bring and expect


Member, Tir Righ Principality Committee – in its very early days. I started in the Committee for Cascadia. (April ’91) I mailed out the very first questioning letter about a principality to all the Groups. The replies were amazing! Most were phoned rather than ‘risk’ putting their opinions on paper.
Scribal artist contributing charters to the Principality
Scribal artist contributing to both of the Doomsday books
Boffer marchal and organizer of Official Boffer activities

if I had a nickel for all the prizes I have donated!  I have no idea how many or when.


Her Ladyship is a person of great influence on Insula Magna and the careful observer will find her influence in the beginning of many a worthy project.
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