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Ming Lam Pee
Date Started:July 1989/AS 24
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
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Per pale argent and vert, two oak trees eradicated counterchanged


SCA History

Ming Lum Pee began his career in the SCA in Montengarde, 1989. A friend from Medieval Studies at UoC invited him to attend an actual medieval feast, and since then it's been hard to keep him out.

Ming then moved to the Barony of Seagirt and became involved in the heavy community there (see Infamy bellow on Ming's first suit of armour). Later on in 2006 he helped form the Tree Huggers, a fighting company that roamed the length and breadth of An Tir, stirring up good times and drum beats under their unmistakable Bedouin tent, 'Big Blue'.

Ming was Squired to Sir Kheron Azov in AS## and once served as Captain of the Guard when Sir Kheron reigned as Prince of Tir Righ.

Ming enjoys all aspects of fighting. He regularly participates in pas de arms, Coronet and Crown level tournaments as well as becoming Warboss of the Treehugers, Seagirtian Warlord and Tir Righ Commander in one of An Tir's numerous wars against the West. He's served as Heavy Fighting champion for the Shires of Craigmere, False Isles and the Barony of Seagirt.

In AS43, Ming and his lady Elina became the fourth Baron and Baroness of Seagirt.

Ming has brought all his passion for teaching and mentorship to the SCA, and lends his hands and support to the Barony around him. He freely gives of his expertise to any budding fighter, leatherworker, or warmonger. As Baron, he introduced the Marksman Tournament to the Daffodil, thus allowing the most skilled archer of the day to stand beside the Daffodil Defender and the Captain of Seagirt's Grenadiers. New faces and old are made to feel welcome around Ming as he sits by the fire, laughing at stories and songs or regailing others with the saga of "Sir Abu and the Gophers".

Ming and Elina are married and have a son, Tristan, who is unsure some days if he will grow up to be Mongolian or Welsh.


Currently Living in the Barony of Seagirt


Persona History

The Dread History of Ming Lum Pee

Baron Ming Lum Pee at Tir Righ May Coronet AS 44/2009
  • 1167 – Genghis Khan is Born.
  • 1199 – Lum Bei Ming is born along the gorge of the Yangtze to a fisherman with a family of 2 older brothers, and one sister. His father is also a volunteer soldier who from time to time volunteers to guard the fortifications that line the gorge.
  • 1211 – Mongols declare war against the Jin Empire (23 Year War).
  • 1213 – Lum Bei Ming, tired of fishing and dreaming for adventure sets out to fight for the Empire and become a soldier. Ming, is injured and captured while defending against the Mongol raids of fortifications along the Yellow River (Great Wall of China), Meets Jebe, and is mistakenly introduced as one of the brilliant siege engineers. Ming, seizing the opportunity to have a hand in eliminating the dreaded Jurchen commanders, offers his allegiance and services to the General, but is also quick to correct him on the mis-introduction. Jebe, humored by the young boy adopts Ming as one of his man-at-arms.
  • 1215 – Chung-tu (Peking) falls to Genghis Khan’s army with the aid of Chinese Engineers.
  • 1216 – Ming returns to the Yangtze to visit his family, to be banished and disowned for siding with the “Barbarian Overlords” Jebe, later adopts Ming as his son, yet respectful of Ming’s humble origins allows him to retain his family name, and gives him title to lands conquered under the blessing of the Khan. The Shah of Khwarizm, executes a Mongol trade mission, setting in motion impending war between the Mongols.
  • 1219 – Mongols begin campaign against Muslims, Ming bored of administrating lands, joins the efforts.
  • 1220 (winter) – Fifth Gregorian Crusades fall to the Mongols. Ming befriends one of the captured and spends some time learning the strange tongue and learning about the lands to the west.
  • 1223 – Mongols attack Ukraine, “Battle of the River Khalka”. Ming is introduced to commander Subadai. Ming stays behind at the city Kiev to learn more western culture. Spends next 13 years traveling back and forth to European countries and states. Retires from military service to the Khan but remains as a representative of the Mongol Empire. Simplifies his name for European usage to Ming Lum Pee. Spends his time in pursuits of other enlightenment and more personal martial experience. In his travels comes across a young boy by the name of Crawford.
  • 1227 – Genghis Khan dies. Ming returns to the empire to advise and help with finding a new Khan.
  • 1229 – Ogodei is elected new Khan.
  • 1230 – Ming Lum Pee has long since returned to European soil hears of the return of the Mongols and decides to move south.
  • 1234 – Subadai is 2 years away from arriving at Bulgar. Subadai sends advance messenger to Ming to request of him to rejoin the Mongol army as a Commander when he arrives at Bulgar.


Good thing the coronet still fits....

Known at times as 'Lumpy' or 'Ming the Merciless', Ming has led a colourful career in the SCA. One of the more notable moments was when Baron Ming shaved his head for the Tir Righ travel fun. Once both sides of his head had been shaved, the question was raised whether or not to leave it as a 'Ming Mohawk', but the idea was vetoed by the Baroness.

Ming's first suit of armour consisted of 500 key chain fobs in a lamellar style. By all accounts it looked 'cool', until struck by a sword. Keychain fobs would go flying in every direction like low-velocity candy out of a Piñata. People scrambled for these relics and some still have them and hence known as the 'Lumpy Token'.

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