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Also known as: Mishka Petrovich Valadesque

Highest Current Award: Laurel
Current/Last Known Branch: Porte de l'Eau (He is has also lived in Three Mountains and the Shire of Silverhart.)

Mischka is married to Kiriena Voronaskaia and is one of the Ravensfuri brothers: Barak Ravensfuri, Davin Steingrimsson, Dungadar Ravensfuri, Garan Steingrimson, Gunther Ravensfuri, Skeggi Hrafensfuri, and Skapti Thorinsson. His laurel was awarded for his mastery of the metal arts and historical pattern welded steel. His homepage is here. While serving as Master of steel and hammer, he took up the study of the lens to capture and chronicle the ways of life. To encourage young artists, he found ways to capture the stories they wrote that they may live forever. He became known as a new master of photography; never present without a camera at his side and never complete in his eyes without one. He took on apprentices to train new laurels and pass on his knowledge; some did well, some didn't. His last apprentices were young men and women without firm direction, but he bent their will to face the world and see what must be done if that was to change. A man of a thousand ambitions, he eternally planned new projects, voyages around the world, and to build a castle of his own in precisely 8 years. His educated innocence was an inspiration to his friends and brothers, and reminded them that no one was perfect but to try anyway.

 Award of Arms Apr 25 AS 26 / 1992 
 Forget-me-not June 27 AS 27 / 1992 
 Jambe de Lion July 11 AS 27 / 1992 
 Sergeant (Wastekeep) May 8 AS 28 / 1993 
 Laurel Jan 10 AS 32 / 1998 
 Court Baron Sept 4 AS 34 / 1999 
 Forget-me-not Jan 8 AS 34 / 2000 
 Goutte de Sang Aug 4 AS 37 / 2002 
 Throne Favor July 19 AS 38 / 2003 
 Forget-me-not July 19 AS 38 / 2003 

Mischka, modernly known as John Ramsey Booth, was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident May 2008. He left three current apprentices and many friends to fill the void, as well as a school of learning that stands to this day.

This gentle has been added to the Scroll of Honor. A tassel was added during the Riderless Horse Ceremony in his name at September Crown Tournament XLIII/2008.


Sept 7, 2008</br> I did it Misch, I finished our 'singing in public' project at your memorial. By the end of the song, everyone was singing it with me. The last line of the song was "... and live by the lessons you gave." We will. Melwyn

July 17, 2008</br> I still remember watching Demian put that beautiful tattoo on your chest so many years ago...so much talent...I know you will carry it with you...till we meet again my Friend...You are missed.</br>

June 14, 2008</br> Hey Misch... </br> I think of you every day.</br> We speak of you often.</br> Your lessons will not die in us.</br> We will teach them to others. </br> We will pass on your knowledge.</br> And you will live on forever in all of us. </br> In all of those we teach.</br> In all who learn your lessons.</br> You are a true Master</br> And I miss you... my friend. </br> I miss things about you I cannot express here... but you know what they are. Love you always.</br> - Sabrina</br>

June 20, 2008</br> I have not been on the steps recently and so did not see this until now. I actually didnt realize it untill in deleteing the abundiant messages I saw a mesage that said a memorial for Mischka.</br> I didnt know him well, though enjoyed seeing him when I did. My husband and I sat around with him, his Lady, and the clan Anseacar and Celtic the year before last before throwing spears at beer can's and tossing kegs. Mischka was a bright and fun light for our comunity and will be missed so much. </br> To his Lady, may your memories always be of bright sunlight.</br> Lady Muirenn inghean Dearbhail

June 9, 2008</br> Yes brother, I went to Ragnoroc, I gave up my grudge at long last. I even tried to take picuters with the camera you talked me into buying. I'm way better at manual photo's with film than automatic and digital. I'm going to have to do some work to figure out how to use the lense and settings. I watched the fighting, and the classes. I talked to the people and walked around. I saw the fire circle and the fire dancers. A few of the dancer pictures worked, and the fire ring is a fire ring, but can't see the fighters. My camera only goes to 4000, yours went to 8000. I walked down to the beach and got some nice photo's there.</br> - Gordon</br>

June 1, 2008</br> I just miss you.............</br> My heart hurts knowing that the plans that we had will not play out........</br> Till we meet again......</br> You are always in my heart!</br> - Love Shar </br>

May 29, 2008</br> I feel like a piece of me has gone on with you across the rainbow bridge... </br> I promise I will keep my vow -- That I will complete my tasks and never fear of asking another Master for guidance... In that I will honor your memory... I miss you Misch... You are forever loved and missed... </br> - Kara Agnarsdottir (apprentice)</br>

May 28, 2008</br> I was fortunate that I was able to go visit Master Mishka on late Friday night & give him some energy as well as to see him for myself. While it was extremely difficult to visually see him in a shell that was very much unlike himself, I was able to see him for who he really is. He will be missed by many. I give my greatest condolences to his loved ones. </br> Mishka, may you pass onto a greater place with peace and know that there are many people here who will miss your time on this earth. </br>~Hope & Light~</br> ~R~</br> ~Lady Caitlynn Pathfinder~</br> ~Captain LeLu De'Dannan~

May 28, 2008</br> IN MEMORY</br> Mischka Ravensfurie, Brother, mentor, Muse to many; Has left us to journey to the great feast hall. Monday at Sundown He was freed to take that last flight.</br> Even the drums call mournfully with a fire known to those who gave him pieces of thier hearts and souls. A salute to any of us who would dare to live nearly as powerfully and freely as he has lived. Finally, my heart is with Kiriena, with the strength to continue her walk down the path with us, may she find her heart again on that day she too journeys into the west. June fair will be hard for most of us, to drink those wicked brews left us by fallen warriors, to pour that flagon to the fire in memory.</br> I feel the tug of my own mortality this week.

- Nez

May 28, 2008</br> There are so many things I wish I would have said to you and never did. I didn't realize how much I'd miss you until you were gone. Thank you sooo much for all the wonderful memories! I wish there'd been time for more but I understand that the Gods needed you now than they thought we did. You will forever live in my heart. Love, Imi</br>

May 27, 2007</br> Mike-</br> Two flagons, please, one with mead, one empty. </br> Takes empty flagon and sets it upside down on the bar</br> Deliberately puts toes over the line</br> To fallen comrades, and absent friends!</br> Drinks</br> Throws flagon into fire</br>

Master Mischka Ravensfuri (John Booth) passed away last night just after sunset when he was disconnected from life support systems. He was surrounded by his wife Kiri, his closest of friends and his family.</br> - Airlinepilot

May 27, 2008</br> What can I say, the world has dimmed just a little bit. You will be missed.</br> - Senja</br>

May 27, 2008</br> I'll miss the gentle gaze in your eyes, the long talks about the muse, metal, passion and life.

With a hammer in one hand and a sword in the other, surrounded by love and carried by their voices...to be as blessed as you in the end -to be heralded into the heavens... these are things heard in legends, and you my brother have become one of them.

Thank you for filling this world with all that you were, for touching my life. I love you Mish. - Ugo</br>

May 26, 2008</br>Safe journeys across the rainbow bridge, comrade. I shall miss your wit and hospitality. Odin doesn't make 'em finer than you. The world is a hollower place with you not in it.</br>- Styrr

May 26, 2008</br>Mishka, you were one of those rare people who spreads a little light and magic wherever he goes. I will miss my kindred spirit in metalwork & other arts, your knowledge and talents will continue to inspire me, and countless others I am sure. I will also miss your lighthearted spirit. I am sure you will carry that with you in your many journeys and adventures whatever they are. You are loved! </br> - Kelly</br>

May 26, 2008</br> Goodbye, Mischka</br> I knew Master Mischka as a Ravensfury right down to his toes: cheerful, confident, skilled, generous with his resources, passionate about his craft, true to his word-bond. While I never knew him really well, he stood as brother and kin to those I am honored to call friends, my Da, my sister and my knight among them. My heart breaks for you, and for Kiri. To all of you, I wish peace and healing, and to Mischka I wish peace to his journey, love to his memory, and honor to his legacy. </br> - Rafny

May 26, 2008</br>My dearest friend, It is with a heavy heart that I wish you safe passage across the ferry to Valhalla. You were a true friend to me and you changed my life in more ways than even I know. All of my candles burn for you and I carry two coins with me for your fare. I will never forget you Misch, and you will always hold a very special place in my heart. Travel well my friend, it was and honor to have met you and I await meeting you again.</br>- Jenny

May 26, 2008</br>Mishka I will miss our times in the park with our picture times.. I will miss the Merc.I am glad to have met you..and will see ya soon..safe travels my friend.You showed me everything in those photos and what I never saw in myself..your family is very much in my prayers and you are thought of always best wishes and luck. </br>- Jessi

May 26, 2008</br>I will never forget you my friend. Please take care of yourself on whatever journey lies next. All of our lives have been richer having known you. You will be missed. Goodbye. </br>- Kass

May 26, 2008</br>Mischka, Just so you know, you're not done teaching us yet! There are many lessons to be had later on in all of our lives! Until then though, you are very much missed! </br>- Tuck

May 25, 2008</br> Master Miscka Ravensfury who many of you may know as a Metal worker and a musician will pass from this world to the next tomorrow, Monday, Memorial day shortly after sunset.</br> The injuries he sustained in an accident this past week are far to serious for him to ever recover.</br> So many of us received the gifts of his teaching and generocity. I know I will miss him terribly.</br> Good-by my brother, my best most beloved friend I will be at your side to say goodnight one last time. Please light a candle for him at sunset to help him find his way." </br> Second post from THL Dafydd Caerfyrddin </br> It is with great sadness that I pass on this news. Kiri has asked that no one come by after 11am Tomorrow (Monday) morning. If you want to see Mischka one last time, you must do so before then.</br>

Gordon Redthorn said these words: "Please light a candle on Monday at sunset for my beloved brother Mischka. His family and closest friends will be with him when he passes. I will light a hundred."

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