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An Tir-West War 1997

Nyfain (pr: NEV-ine-yeh) is a Countess of An Tir and reigned with her Lord husband Dux Darius Corvinus, under her old name of Morgaine. Cometessa Nyfain is from the tribe of the Brigantes, who ruled a large kingdom in the north surrounding Eboracum, later known as Jorvik or York. She now lives in a villa in the South with her Lord, where they form the centre of a colony of people who have banded together to share their strength and knowledge as a community. Within the SCA they are known as the Darian Household. Darius has a son, Corvyn. Nyfain has a son, Jared. Their children together are: son Darius II; daughter Chloe; and youngest son Gideon.

Nyfain has chosen to change her name to a period documentable one as a furtherance of her personal commitment to be increasingly authentic in her historical recreation. She is awaiting final word on whether her name and arms are passed at Laurel.

Nyfain sews as a profession, hobby and necessity. She appreciates fine costuming, and is interested in talking to others with a love for early period garb. She has worked with the textile arts all her life, and has or wants to dabble in most of them before she's through. Her ultimate goal in this arena - one day- is to weave coptic tunics with segementae. She is also very interested in mosaic, and would like to pursue a bit more of this too.

Her favorite things are: being with friends and family, the smell of new babies, good strong coffee, linen and silk, music, musk and amber scent. Her personal badge is a crescent moon, usually silver, facing right, like a 'c'. Her colors are black, red, silver and gold. Her current wish: for an extension of the day, so that she might find sufficient hours in which to do all she'd like to, all she has to, and maybe sleep a little. Oh - and world peace, except at SCA wars.

Device: Sable, semy of decrescents argent, a torch Or enflamed gules, and in chief a coronet Or.

Lived in:

Planxty Morgaine -Briana nic h'Eusaidh, Fili n'An Tir

She is wise and free, She's good to me She holds my heart in her hand She is light and love She's the grey Dove She is the Life of The Land

And in her heart, and in her heart She bears the wedding ring He looks to her, He loves her With her, he is ever King.

She is formed in Grace, She's fair of face She walks light as the dew With her hair unbound, Children around Every breath does Life renew

And in her eyes, and in her eyes Shines bright her love so true He looks to her, He loves her Every breath does Faith renew.

(written in honour of this great lady, whom I had the privilege to serve as Royal Bard. *Briana*)

So there we were...(an accounting of an AnTir/West War in her own words, posted from the archives of Lao Yu)

...Saturday morning, and the horses arrived. A beautiful palomino for me with the Queen's barding on it, and a small jet black pony pulling a war chariot for Darius...

...We set off back towards the centre of camp and made a large circle...Darius was shouting "AnTir muster! Defend your homeland!" and Brianna was drumming and shouting and then we started singing...whole bands of warriors stood beside the road and shouted as we went by, then fell in behind us. As we completed our loop, I looked bac and there was easily two hundred behind me...

We went out onto the War field...then the coolest thing happened...

I rode out to kiss my king farewell, leaning down from the saddle, and my Crown didn't fall off. But then...

Instead of just riding away...I rode out in front of the assembled troops on our side. It was kind of like "the wave" as they all dropped to one knee. Coolest thing I ever saw. When I got to the end of the line, I turned around and started back, I felt I should say something so I yelled stuff about honor and doing Us proud and then I yelled "An TIR" and they thundered back, so I did it again and my horse reared up and I stayed on and the handler grabbed the reins- but I bet it looked cool, fist in the air, yelling 'AnTir' and the Crown didn't fall off...

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