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HL Morgaine Essex, wife of HL Hucbald ap Urp
Formerly of Lions Gate & Ramsgaard, currently residing in Seagirt
"The Welcoming Committee" of the Pure Wenching Tarts Society(PWTS)

Name and Arms registered

Sm cat.jpg

Morgaine Essex

Gules, two needles in saltire points to chief argent threaded Or, on a chief Or a domestic cat couchant sable.

Order of Precedence

OP Rank 1053

Highest Current Award: Goutte de Sang
Current/Last Known Branch: Seagirt
Also lived in: Ramsgaard

Award of Arms July 31 AS 28 / 1993

Goutte de Sang June 21 AS 32 / 1997
Rocke x2(Seagirt) Mar 18 AS 40 / 2006 & Dec 6 AS 43 / 2008
Seagull (Seagirt) Mar 17 AS 41 / 2007



Her Ladyship Morgaine Essex is one of the heads of the House Azoth. She lives in Essex County, England in the year 1109 during the Reign of King Henry I. Her interests lie in costuming, weaving, embroidery, autocrating, youth combat, cooking, calligraphy & illumination, teaching, and generally helping out where she can.


Award of Arms, July 31 AS 28 / 1993
Service recognition, (Ramsgaard) Oct 23(?) AS 28/ 1993
Goutte de Sang, June 21 AS 32 / 1997
Rock (Seagirt), March 18 AS 40 / 2006
Seagull (Seagirt), March 17 AS 41/2007
Rock (Seagirt), December 6 AS 43 / 2008

Event Experience:

Tir Righ September Coronet Tournament & Archery Championship (Seagirt-2009) Royal Liaison
Tir Righ Spring Coronet Tournament & Bardic Championship (Seagirt-2008) Autocrat
Seagirt’s Yule (2007)Feast Coordinator & Head Cook
Sergeants, Yeoman and Gallant’s (Seagirt-2007)Autocrat
Daffodil (Seagirt 2006)Gate Head
Seagirt Summer Tourney (Seagirt-2005 & 2006)Autocrat
Tir Righ September Coronet Tourney and Archery & Bardic Championship (Ramsgaard-2004)Co-Autocrat
Freeze-Off Tournament & Banquet (Ramsgaard-1995, 1997, 1998, 1999) Autocrat, Co-Autocrat and Feast Coordinator; can’t remember when I did what.
30-Year Celebration (Hosted by An Tir-1995) Autocrat team: Disability Access Coordinator for Sign Language Interpretation
Ramsgaard Two-Day Workshop (Ramsgaard-1994) Co-Autocrat


Baronial Scribe: Seagirt (2009-Present)
Youth Combat Marshal: Tir Righ (2006-2008)
Bursar: University of Ithra, Insula Magna Campus (2006-2007)
Seneschale: Ramsgaard (1997-1999)
Deputy Seneschale: Ramsgaard (1996-1997)
Web Mistress: Ramsgaard (1995-1997)
Mistress of Lists: Ramsgaard (1995)
Chatelaine: Ramsgaard (1994-1996)
Arts & Sciences Mistress: Ramsgaard (1991-1993)


Royal Interpreter- King Barak & Queen Lao, 1993
Lady in Waiting-Ulf IV & Caoimhinn, 2007
Lady in Waiting-Ulf III & Amanda, 2006
Lady in Waiting-Ulf II & Bernadette, 2005

Other Activities:

-Calligraphed and illuminated many scrolls
-Painted charters
-Fed large numbers at various camping events
-Embroidered many pieces for Royal garb
-Waterbeared numerous times
-Run lists
-Interpreted many courts
-Senior Marshal (Heavy) until 1999
-Marshaled too may tourneys to remember
-Taught numerous workshops, at Ithra and informally
-I have tried my hand at Heavy, Rapier and Light fighting
-And a bunch of other stuff that is missing, but I can’t remember
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