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Morweena is a 14th century woman who passes her time practising archery, sewing and, of late, card weaving. Once a face seen only around the archery range she is now often spotted as a courtier of Tir Righ, serving on the retinues of many reigns, most of them Ulf's. She was arcarius to Master John MacAndrew, until admitted to the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft and is apprentice to Mistress Agnes Cresewyke. Her laurel calls her a bad influence as she has led the fair Agnes to doing more teaching and service including a group autocratting attempt. Over the years she has dabbled in many things from singing to weaving to tent-making. Not so good at the tent-making but the singing went well with her and the group "the archery chicks" singing Ban Tanist Bernadette into court when it was her time to claim her throne. She has served the courts of Tir Righ as an archery guard, lady-in-waiting and as court liason. She was the first and only member of Tir Righ's archery order, the Silver Pheon. The award was later made a part of the Order of the Hafoc, and she with Gerhard Kendal and Alvarro are the premiers of that order. A member of the Lions Claw for service to the Barony of Lions Gate, known for pulling events like Baronial Banquet and "Steve" together in 60 and 30 days respectively. She can be spotted at events in the company of Agnes's minions or with her household, Clan MacAndrew and always in the company of Ruby. File:Goosed.jpg

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