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"To rip the ugly, false, and weak from my soul and hurl it into hell. To pull the powerful, intrepid, and unstoppable from within and wear it like a tabard." - D. Sebastian
Nicoli Rabenis Von Tachov at An-Tir/West War 2008



His Lordship Nicolai Rabenis Von Tachov is mundanely known as Micah Bear.

The name Nicolai Rabenis Von Tachovis a properly researched, documented, and pending approval SCA name (July 2008). It is historically accurate to 16th century German Bohemia.


Nicolai Rabenis Von Tachov pursues a few SCA-related interests.


Nicolai attends the Three Mountains Dance Practice when available, and is working to improve his dance skill.

===Heavy Fighting===
Heavy Master Nicoli off to War with the Iron Ring and His Excellency Earl Edward of An Tir

Nicolai acquired his first suit of armor by a stroke of luck. When posting on the Three Mountains group, asking about how to go about procuring armor to learn in, a kindly gentleman offered to donate a full suit minus the gorget. With that generous assistance, Nicolai was ready to move forward and now attends the Three Mountains Fight Practice as he is available. Recently, Nicolai has been chosen as the Regional Knight Marshall for the Shire of Dragons Mist and has also, been spearheading and organizing the members of the the Iron Ring to attend the Dragons Mist Heavy practice as well as that of Three Mountains. It is his goal, as Heavy Master, to field a unit of no less than 10 Iron Ring heavy fighters and combat archers by the end of 2008. As a member of mercenary unit, the Iron Ring, Nicolai will sell his services (along with those of the unit) to the highest bidder at any war.


In 2007, Nicolai built a Gypsy Vardo style trailer for camping. It is built in a style that mimics those found in the 13th century- though the term "Vardo" is from a much later period. He plans to complete a few upgrades to it this season. He is working on a design for a late period Seating Gallery that could be made to breakdown and brought to events.


  • Gwydion ap Arawn 1996-1999; Welsh bard 1200's
  • Rory O'Conor 2000-2003; Irish bard 1300's
  • Idris ap Bran 2004-2008; Welsh bard late 1200's early 1300's
  • Nicolai Rabenis Von Tachov 2008-Present Bohemian German mid 1500's

SCA History

Nicolai's Event History Pre 2005

  • Three Mountains Champions, 2005
  • Moved to Dragon's Mist Spring 2005
  • Long and Short of It, August 2006
  • Warrior's Revel, August 2006
  • Acorn War, September 2006.
  • Faire in the Grove, April 2007.
  • The Gathering, May 2007.
  • Joined the Iron Ring 2007 to Present
  • Seadog Nights, July 2007.
  • Blackthorne Revel, August 2007.
  • Sport of Kings, August 2007.
  • Beaverton Farmer's Market Demo, September 2007. Fought in the heavy fighting demonstration.
  • Art of War, 2008
  • Faire in the Grove, April 2007
  • Egils, XXXIV
  • Changed persona to Nicolai Rabenis Von Tachov
  • An Tir/West, July 2008
  • Tryggvy's War, Boudica's Revenge, July 2008
  • Dragon's Mist Defenders Tournament, July 2008 Ran the defenders' tournament
  • Autumn War, August 2008
  • Acorn War, September 2008 Ran the war scenarios for the Shire of Mountain Edge.
  • Twelfth Night, January 2009
  • Carnevale di Venezia XLIII, April 2009.
  • Faire in the Grove, May 2009. Marshal in charge.
  • Honey War XLIV/2009, June 2009. Hired with the Iron Ring by Blatha An Oir.
  • Dragon's Mist Defenders Tournament XLIV/2009, June 2009. Awarded title of Heavy Defender of the Shire of Dragon's Mist for 2009
  • An Tir/West War, July 2009. Recieved Award of Arms from their Majesties Vik and Inga.

Persona History

Nicolai Rabenis Von Tachov was born in 1529, in the city of Tachov, in the kingdom of Bohimia, a part of the Holy Roman Empire. A second son of a noble family out of favor with the Hapsburg king, he was tutored in the knightly arts from a young age. While he was given many options of what he would like to learn, his one true love was war. Once grown to manhood, he joined the army of the city and found that his joy of learning to fight was only surpassed by his love of the fighting itself.

Joining in the rebellion against King Ferdinand in 1547, he suffered he first true taste of defeat. Nicolai left to travel the empire working with his skills as best he could, hoping to one day return to his home a hero. He returned home in 1550 when he was was told that his father had passed away.

When he arrived he found his older brother had repaired much of the ill favor that their family had suffered from with the ruling Hapsburg family. Due to his involvement with the attempted rebellion, he was informed he was no longer associated with his own family and that he could take himself elsewhere.

Nicolai left once again to ply his trade and found himself working the shipping lanes from Spain to Italy. In 1551, in response to a large pirate raid against the island of Gozo, he fought in a number of engagements with the Barbary pirates earning their enmity and his hatred.

In 1556 when Charles V retired and Ferdinand took the throne of the Holy Roman Empire, Nicolai chose to travel to Venice. He arrived later that year during a celebration of Lorenzo Priuli's ascention to Doge of Venice. He worked as a solitary mercenary doing odd jobs mostly involving the hunting of pirates, of which he had much practice. After being given a large sum of money for his work against a number of pirate fortresses, Nicolai found himself at wit's end.

A tournament was held that year in honor of a local lord and he decided to participate- little did he know that this day would change his life. After leaving the field as the victor, Nicoli was approached by one Cailin McGregor and Jose Cabrera de Castilla of the Iron Ring, a mercenary company formed by a fellow German, Heinrich von Arenburg. Seeing his skill these gentleman offered a decent rate of pay and a promise of continued action against pirates, as well as war in the field.

Nicolai found himself a new home.


Nicolai Rabenis Von Tachov is a member of the Iron Ring, living in the Shire of Dragon's Mist. He is also the squire to Earl Edward Ean Anderson

The Iron Ring device

Rank and Station

Achievements, Awards and Accolades

  • House of the Golden Note's Bardic 3rd Place, 1996 at Egils
  • House of the Golden Note's Bardic 2rd Place, 1997 at Egils
  • An Tir Chess Championship 2nd Place, 1999 at Ursalmas
  • Ithrotir Wrestling Competition 1st Place, 1999
  • MacPhearson's Torchlit Dagger Tournament 1st Place, 2003 at Egils
  • House of Three and Arugala's Bardic 3rd Place, 2003
  • Dog of the Sea Feather Combat Tournament 1st Place, 2006 at Seadog
  • Winner of the Novice Holmgang Tourney, 2008 at Egils
  • Placed 3rd in the Heavy Fighting Tournament at Faire in the Grove, May 2009.
  • Winner of Heavy Defender title at Shire of Dragon's Mist Defenders Tournament, June 2009.
  • Award of Arms received at An Tir/West War, July 2009 from Vik and Inga
  • Hasta Leonis recieved at September Crown, September 2012 from Vik and Astrid
  • Winner of Heavy Champion tournament for the Barony of Dragon's Mist November 2013
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