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I am a proud member and officer of the Shire of Lionsdale. I have been an officer and member of 2 other Shires, The Shire of Frozen Mountain and the Shire of Appledore.

I have just stepped down from the Arts and Science Champion for the Barony of Lions Gate in 2013. For my Research and Rediscovery of the Real 3 Finger Glove. which i am so proud of. Did you know that there are 2 examples of the 3 finger glove?? ask me!

I have in my time participated and achieved the honor of becoming one of the Ladies of the Golden Swan a persona development competition in the Shire of Appledore.

I really enjoy learning new things be it sewing leather badly, silk screening, embroidery, metal work i enjoy doing it all. Even if i don't do it correct or neatly. Give me time to learn it all.

I love to help where ever i can be it cleaning the kitchen or the Inn picking up bottle's of gin. I try to do what i can when i can i wish that i had more time and ability's.

I chose 2013 to be a year of doing the things i haven't done before! I entered a Arts and Science comp. I was asked to help out some amazing people with a very tough job and its only June!

2013 was a year that i learned so much from so many people. I met people who i wish i had know years before and became (as was told to me) almost family!!! What a great year... I became an Apprentice to Mistress Alicia le Wilfull an Amazing artist and teacher as well to put the cherry on top of such a year..

2014 is the year that i am challenging myself to do one project a month it has to do with improving my gear to make myself more period as an example or as gifts to others. Its early and i don't know where i will end up this year...


Award of Arms 1993

Golden Apple (appledore award) 1998

Goutte de Sang 2001

Golden Swan 2003

Jambe de lion 2005

l'Etoile d'Argent 2007

Lions Streanth 2013

Forget me Not 2014

Or and Argent 2014

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