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Formerly squired to Duke Vik Vikingsson, HE Steinn was elevated to the Order of Chivalry by TRMs Davin and Groa.

Steinnhold now consists of 3 squires (Raoul Delaroche, Bazz Steinsson, Jajiradai Batu and three Men-at-Arms, Gunnar,Khudyka Dobrakovich and Laric Godwin).

Steinn is a cadet to Master William Bennet, OWS.


Danescombe, Tir Righ. Formerly of Montengarde, Avacal.


Fifteenth Prince of Avacal, 16 Aug AS XXXVIII/2003 - 28 Feb AS XXXVIII/2004
Twenty-second Prince of Avacal, 24 Feb AS XXXXI/2007 - 18 Aug AS XXXXII/2007
Twenty-seventh Prince of Avacal 14 Aug 2009 - February 2010
Eighteenth Prince of Tir Righ18 February XLVI/2012 - 25 August XLVII/2012

Fun Stuff!

When he is not hitting people with sticks, marshalling, fencing, heralding or organizing court, he can be found at the BBQ!

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