Talia banu-Khabeelah

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The Honourable Lady Talia enjoying herself at Ursulmas 2008

Talia's premiere event was Ursulmas, January 1989/A.S. 23.

Talia was awarded arms by the gracious efforts of Their Majesties Darius and Morgaine at July Coronation 1997/A.S. 32.

At 3YC she was victorious upon the sticky board of battle and won the title World Ladies Tablero Champion.

Talia was granted entry into the Order of the Goutte de Sang by Skeggi and Taisiia at July Coronation 2005/A.S. 40 for her years of selfless service to the Kingdom.

She was recognized as a Silver Pillar of Tir Righ by Kheron and Ksenia at Warren War 2006/A.S. 41.

Tiernan and Miranda saw Talia fit to join the ranks of the Order of the Jambe de Lion at Tir Righ Winter Investiture XLII/2007

She became Mistress Yrsa Kettilsdottir's student at Clinton War 2007.

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