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Welcome to KeyPoynt, you're well met at KeyPoynt.
We are the Traveling Towne.
We wander and we roam, though we are never far from home,
For we are the Traveling Towne.

The Towne of KeyPoynt is a group of many households frequently traveling in the Shire of Midhaven. The Towne is led by Lord Mayor Etolé Marchant, and was founded in 2003 by Etolé Marchant, his ladywife Stella Fenix, Vedr Fawkner, the gypsy, Batik Silvestri, & the incompairable Scolai McClure & Caemyl Glas. Currently, the Towne hosts almost 30 people at events they attend.


Royal Recognition

On 12 January 2013 (A.S. xlvii), the Towne of KeyPoynt was honored by King Vik & Queen Astrid with an Award of Arms, making it the fifteenth armigerous group in the history of An Tir.

Mission Statement of KeyPoynt

KeyPoynt’s goal is to build lasting relationships based on honesty, integrity, loyalty & respect with others. By utilizing its unique strengths & resources, KeyPoynt seeks to set an example to others within the Society & without.

To further that goal, KeyPoynt will provide an inviting atmosphere of camaraderie & enjoyment allowing others to experience life at it was in medieval times thru the auspices of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

KeyPoynt promises to create a place for personal development while being treated with: Integrity & Honesty - Respect & Cooperation - Honor & Fair-play

KeyPoynt promises to provide opportunities for each of us: To learn without censure - To excel in a chosen endeavor

To this end, KeyPoynt promises to: Tolerate differences & Ideas - Not criticize individuals for their opinions - Inspire, Encourage & Support the growth of others -

While upholding the ideals of the Society, KeyPoynt will strive to maintain a balance between authenticity & comfort, medieval & modern, keeping in mind that the SCA is a recreation not a reenactment Society.

In addition, KeyPoynt will maintain Sound & Ethical practices in all of its relations within KeyPoynt, with AnTir & with the Knowne Worlde.

Current Members (under growth)

Official Members

Junior Members

  • Django the Gypsy Boy
  • Young William
  • Earnan Sealgaire
  • Alexander Sealgaire
  • Veronica
  • Adrianna
  • Lura
  • Simon
  • Wyatt
  • Niah

Honored Members

Honorary Members

Along with some of the Towne's Guests

Points of Interest

The Towne of KeyPoynt is becoming rather well-known for the achievements of many of its members, most notably:

  • Lord Etolé Marchant is currently Midhaven's Thrown Weapons Champion, and has been in the top ten for thrown weapons in all of An Tir, so if you're going to piss him off, you've got to be very VERY far away. He has also been entered into the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft, so make that even farther away.
  • The Bards of KeyPoynt are past bardic champions of the Shire of Midhaven twice over.
  • Amnara, one of The Bards of KeyPoynt, has joined the ranks of the "Bunny Bards," aka, Bardic Champion of Shittimwoode.
  • The Towne of KeyPoynt held its first Bardic Competition at Autumn War 2008.
  • The Towne occasionally holds the Wrought Iron Chef Competition wherein the many talented culinary arts experts of KeyPoynt are given a list of secret ingredients brought by the Townesfolk and must use them all to prepare that night's dinner. The results are always spectacular.
  • The Towne is home to Her Harem, a belly dancing group consisting of some of the ladies of the towne with the assistance of some amazing drummers.
  • So far, KeyPoynt is home to TWELVE AoA awardees and one Goutte de Sang! Huzzah!
  • AND let us not forget the wildly entertaining puppet theatre, the KeyPoynt Puppet Players!
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