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HL Tristan MacGregor on the field of battle



Tristan MacGregor is mundanely known as Jeffrey Solmon.

The name Tristan MacGregor is one I have been using for some time but has not been submitted or approved. I have also never submitted my arms even though I have been shire herald in 2 different shires.


My interests far outweigh my ability to do them all. I consider myself a jack of all trades kind of guy. I love the SCA and have found new passions and areas to explore at nearly every event I have ever attended. So many things - So little money.

Heavy Combat

I have been fighting off and on throughout my SCA career. (You'd have thought I would be better by now). I first discovered the SCA at a demo at DundraCon in the San Francisco Bay area in 1987. I was hooked and started playing shortly there after.


I remember early events and the magic I found listening to songs about the campfire. I also enjoy trying my own hand at singing but have rarely had much success with public performance. My desire to sing far surpassing my actual ability to do so.


I love to dance and try to enjoy it whenever it is offered. I am a member of the River Region Dance Troupe and have performed with them on several occassions. I am always eager to learn new dances and try to pick things up as I go along. I am not a naturally graceful person but I do have a passion for it (I am sensing a theme emerging here).


I have played at Archery at several different events but never taken it up with any great frequency. In the coming year I would like to change that and attempt to become a combat archer. After seeing the impact they made on the field at the last AnTir/West war I am eager to try my hand at it.


I have tried my hand at it and even participated at Estrella War as a rapier combatant. As with most of my other passions I find more interest than ability within myself. Although I did experience some success with my RBG. I may not be able to cross swords with a Don and live to tell the tale but I can shoot them with great glee.

==Persona History==
HL Tristan with his lady, Maggie

Tristan was born in 1562 outside of Craig Royston Scotland, the son of Seamus MacGregor, a respected merchant, and Sarah de Landles, a courtier of the French Court. Seamus was a rich man and married Sarah to gain respectability and title from her noble but penniless family.

Unit Device of the Iron Ring
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